Call for MALE dancer or performer. La donneuse - Arty Baby / Dance-Contact-Improvisation Performance Project - Brussels.

This call inscribes in “Arty Baby”, a long duration performance over creation and procreation. it investigated ways of procreation, challenging the couple’s status, mixing and opening notions of paternity, maternity, genitors, donors. A movement-duet emerged (“La donneuse”), that needs now a third partner (Male) to let emerge new shapes and questions.

The work is based at the Camping Town Studio Brussels and conducted by Anne Dolorès Marcélis. Meldy Ijpelaar is engaged in the process as dancer and performer since January 2018. A video-dance is one of the result of this work, and we plan to continue filming the process. We ask for about 5X3 hours work or, if the dancer is coming from abroad, a 3 untill 5 days residency. This work is not payed, but we can offer other services in exchange. The travel can be supported by the Association if not to expansive. It is possible to be hosted at the Camping Town if we choose the residency mode. We would like to start from december 2018 or January 2019.

Thank you for your interest. You can ask more infos to : annedoloresmarcé